How to Prevent Sports Injuries

Nobody will reject the fact that exercise is very important for our health. However, when we spiritedly want to have some daily exercises, we forget to have conditioning, warmup, and cooldown first. Such a habit will invite injuries to torture you in the middle of exercises. Here’s a list of causes of sport injuries and also their preventions:

1. Aerobics: If you really love aerobics, you might not be surprised if you find somebody (or yourself) get shinsplints, sore knees, pain in Achilles tendon (back of ankle), heel and foot pain; shoulder pain from vigorous arm motion. To avoid them, things you need to do are quite simple; wear aerobics shoes that fit your feet, do extra exercises to strengthen legs, arms, and abdomen, and then choose a low-impact routine.

2. Biking: Biking becomes very popular now, one of the causes is because of global warming issue. And when you start to paddle your bike and a minute later you get sore muscle in neck, shoulders, and back from leaning over handlebars, or maybe you get tendinitis in kness or ankles, soreness in wrist and hand after long rides, sore quadriceps and hamstring muscles, or the worst: head injuries from falls, you can do these to avoid them: make sure that your bike is right size and tuned (it’s really important!), use regular rather than dropped handlebars, stop periodically to rest and stretch, do extra exercises to strengthen your legs, and don’t forget to wear helmet.

3. Jogging: This simple exercise will turn into little disaster by the time you find yourself get foot and lower-leg soreness, tendinitis and stress fractures, sore calf, hamstring, and quadriceps muscles. But don’t worry, you can leave such potential disaster by wearing proper running shoes, running on soft surfaces, doing extra exercises to strengthen your quadriceps, which supports knees.

4. Rope Jumping: This very recommended sports (at least for a boxer) may bring you such things like foot, knee, and lower-leg problem, as the impact of jumping. Also wrist and forearm soreness as a result of turning rope. Just do these: stretch calves, ankles, back, and also arms. Beside that, you have to wear supportive, well-fitting shoes, and remember to increase intensity and duration slowly.

5. Rowing: We know that rowing is excellent for cardiovascular efficiency until you have sore or cramped shoulder, arm, low-back, or quadriceps muscles, and pain in wrist and hand after long sessions full of spirit and joy. It’s simple guys, just increase intensity and duration of workouts slowly, stretch shoulders and arms before and after workouts.

6. Skating: Skating really entertains you, as long as you don’t get tendinitis and sore muscles in ankle and lower leg, shinsplints, sprained ankles, sore hamstring, and quadriceps, bruises, scrapes, and head injuries from falls. Avoiding this is not difficult; wear skates that fit and support ankles, wear protective clothing, including pads and helmet for roller skating, and do extra exercises to strengthen your ankles and legs.

7. Skiing: Common skiing: you get muscle soreness. Downhill skiing: you have ankle, knee, and legs sprains, also strains and fractures from falls. Cross-country skiing: you find arm muscle strain from vigorous poling. Prevention: keep fit in season; stretch arms, shoulders, back, legs; have equipment checked for safety and fit, strengthen muscles with extra exercises.

8. Swimming: Getting out of the pool you may be hurt by muscle soreness and its friends: tenditis and bursitis in shoulders and necks; “breast-stroker’s knee” (pain along inside of knee). Don’t blame your swimming style, just stretch your shoulder and neck muscles, keep distance and intensity at comfortable level; vary strokes.

9. Tennis: Even a professional and beautiful tennis player may get unbeautiful things like elbow, shoulder, an d neck soreness, tendinitis and bursitis, ankle sprains, pain in foot and knee, and also eye injuries. She’ll do this: stretch her arms and shoulders, wear proper shoes, play on clay or grass courts (if it’s possible), and wear protective eyewear.

10. Weight Training: This Arnold-Schwarzenegger-exercise brings you on muscle soreness, low-back pain from excessive weight or improper form; foot injuries from dropped weight. The prevention is easy, progress gradually, don’t lift on consecutive (or maybe you wanna represent your country in Olympiad?), don’t lift too much weight, and train with a spotter.

Yeah, that’s all guys all I can tell you. Or maybe you have other good advices to share with us?


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