Wanna Work, Kid? Go on!

If now you wander around the world and you see many children, mostly in industrialized countries, go for paid work, please do not get shocked or go crazy. It is very common phenomenon, so you do not need to treat it sentimentally or think it as a kind of exploitation. You have to know that engaging children in some kind of paid work in a particular way is acceptable since there are some good reasons for it.

Children, especially those who come from poor family, need to help their family or to pay their own needs. Do not believe me? If so, please visit Jakarta now and go straightly to Bantar Gebang, Jakarta’s rubbish dump. There you will watch hundreds children traveling around a hill of garbage. Well, they are not playing happily; they are scavenging for glass, plastic, paper, or anything else that can be sold for recycling. Yes, they are trash pickers who try to raise money to sustain their family’s life. And if you move to Cambodia, do not forget to visit Steung Meanchey dump that employs hundreds children too as trash pickers. Wherever you go, the reality is just the same; impoverished children forcedly have to work to live.

Sound too sentimentally to you? Okay, let us say it is a kind of children emancipation that should be raced in a just way as well as adults do. Children emancipation has no consideration whether the kids come from the have-nots or not. In Germany, children and teens, mostly come from middle class family, get accustomed to have paid job in the holiday, for instance, as a shop keeper or baby sitter. It is called as ‘teilzeit-arbeit’ or “ferienjob”. They do so not because they need to solve their parents’ financial problem. They regard it as self-actualization, moneymaking, and time-killing.

We come to the last point, so what is the most beneficial aspect for children employed for paid job? Having job in childhood means a process of forming stronger, high-dedicated, and responsible young generation to succeed in life and contribute to the nation development later. Success in life, you can learn it from Roman Abramovich, the owner of Chelsea FC and oil tycoon from Russia, who have a long experience as a kid paddling his bike around countries in Russia selling oil conventionally. Or take a note of Michael Faraday, the inventor of electricity. When he was a boy, this charismatic and respected scientist worked as bookseller in Newington. Of course, you can make this list longer since it has been proven that those who work at his childhood may potentially be successful in life.

Well, now you understand that children are okay to work as long as it is carried on in a just and human way. Therefore, we may feel free to give them their right to race their emancipation in having a paid-work. It is not a matter of exploitation then, but a very promising way leading to success in life.


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