Student Should Write Book Instead of Thesis

I always imagine that someday all students of university in Indonesia will no longer write thesis, but write book instead. There are some qualities of book that make it better than thesis.

Thesis is full of innovative and new thoughts and ideas in all subjects like science, entrepreneurship, economy, social, language, etc. As I experienced, however, that reading theses is always dull. Take a look first from their title; so long. They are bound in an identical size. Their color even is just the same color according to the department. Then open the pages, you will get bored soon.

We all know that thesis obeys the strict rules of writing containing all the systematic order of formal writing such as abstracts, preface, research method, scope and limitation, etc. In diction, it must use the formal even gobbledegook words. I did not mind about the process and method of scientific research, but what I object to is that the way of presenting the result of research in the form of less communicative thesis. When I talk about the transfer of knowledge, however, I ask myself; what are these stuffs for? To legitimize its scientific thoughts and ideas or just to puzzle the readers?

Needless to say, theses are mostly read as references by the students who are going to write thesis too. Soon, their thesis will be read by the next students to produce theses again. So, theses are exclusively bequeathed from generation to generation in the same educational institution. Only some of them are published widely as books. I do not think theses will work in society for I am sure that society prefers to read book than theses. Again, what are those great innovations, ideas, and thoughts for?

It is a fool if we think that writing in the form of thesis is more scientific rather than writing book. I have read some ex-theses that have been converted to be books and published widely. Of course, with some revisions in the style of writing. The title is shortened, the cover and size are designed freely, all the gobbledegook speech are removed, and the most important thing is that; they become much more communicative for the readers since the usage of the polite informal words and attractive appearance really works rather than the dubious theses. The ex-theses books are still full of scientific facts, new and innovative thoughts and ideas, accurate data, preface, bibliography, and so on. They just change the way of presenting all of those things to be more communicative. So, the most essential purpose of writing theses, that is to transfer knowledge, will be come true. What we should do is that give the students freedom to arrange, convey, and communicate their thought and ideas to the readers by their own ways.

And if it is possible, I also imagine that one day every educational institute has their own publisher, however small it is. It must be regretted that all complete theses are only stored in the library and are only read by the students. But, when theses have been converted to be the books, everybody coming to the library will be interested to read because of aforementioned reasons. Then, the ex-theses books should be published widely to the public, commercially or not, so that they can reach all circles of society to be discussed and applied for the development of life in all aspects. Imagine, there will be millions of readable, attractive, and scientific books every year if every student writes a book instead of dubious theses.

Last, I think it is time for us to think about the substances and benefits of knowledge rather than just formality. So, let us write books.


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