Let’s Back to Village!

Every year, the number of villagers who come to the city becomes increasingly large. Those villagers flood into city for various intentions, for instance, live in there permanently or not, hunt for jobs, visit relatives, or run other business. Consciously or not, their arrival makes city get teeming and inevitably dull. The newcomers, especially those who come from village, however, will reconsider to come to city if they know the fact that live in city is far more stressful than live in the village.

The first thing to be reconsidered is the atmosphere of the city. For the arrival of newcomers make city grows dense and crowded, it will totally give you no space to live in. The common view of the city is always dull; many people walk to and forth, rush in haste, or run hurriedly. Those people, if they invade the roads, will create two more problems; pollution and traffic jam. Both of them damage your health and mental.

You will not find such a stressful situation in village. The number of people living in village is not as many as city’s since the villagers commonly tend to find the better life in the city. It is too naïve if we think that city is the world while village is nothing-to-speak-up place. Such an insight makes villages lose their inhabitants. Besides, neither traffic jam that takes hours nor poisonous gases exist in village in which so many plants grows everywhere and traditional vehicle is still dominating than modern vehicles.

Cost of life becomes the second thing that needs to be thought prudently by the villagers who are to live in city. You will learn more about it, if you have stayed there, that the price of necessities in the city is far more expensive and even unreachable for those who come for the first time or those who have lived in the city for a long time. The price of all basic needs, such as food, clothes, house, and transportation are going to drive you mad.

Otherwise, village costs people lower for almost everything. You will not be so stressful thinking about aforementioned necessities for they are very reachable and reasonable in village. It comes to realization when you aware of the fact that living in city will drive you into consumptive style of life while in village you will not find as many commodities as city has that intensely show up in front of you all the time. Of course, those matters, being a consumptive or not, influence the way of both city and village will cost you.

The last thing that I am sure will successfully hand you stressfulness is the characterization of citizens. The citizens, who are accustomed to live in such crowded and hasty situation everyday, mentally and physically, are not too pleasing in common. Most of them are egoists, individualists and materialistic. In some cases, sometimes they will show you so-called ‘devil-may-care’ or ‘run-your-own-business’ behavior. It can be understood since the pursuit of life allows them to act so

Comparing to the villagers, the way most citizens treat you will do to make you get stressful. The villagers, who are used to living in calm and fresh situation, still hold tightly the principle of generosity, equality, and egalitarianism. In other words, the villagers generally are altruistic and modest. They naturally treat anybody, even to one they do not know well, as good as possible and always in the aroma of benevolence. You will find no reason to dislike them since they always make nice to you without wishing anything from you. It can be understood, too, for their lives are not too obsessive and materialistic comparing to citizens.

So, if you are villagers and want to move to the city, you need to reconsider those aforementioned things; the population of city, cost of life there, and the characteristic of its people. Village is still the best place to live in and to develop ourselves rather than city.


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