Are Wrong Eyeglasses Dangerous to Eyes?

No scientific report from any scientist in all over the world announcing that wearing wrong eyeglass will worsen your vision. Eyeglass can’t diminish your vision or damage your eyes. However, lenses that are too strong or otherwise unsatisfactory can interfere with your daily life and may cause you to have an accident. If you think your eyeglasses are wrong, bad, unfit, strange, and terrible; just visit your eye specialist to check them.

Also, going somewhere without your eyeglasses doesn’t hurt your eyes either. But, if you have serious poor vision, I strongly recommend you to wear them still. I just don’t want you hit the trees, fall into the ditch, or take your neighbor’s wife home. No kidding, it’s serious, I wear eyeglasses too.

Maybe your mother will warn you or suddenly turn on the light when she sees you reading in dim. Then she’ll read you this classic poem: ‘You’ll be Going Blind, If you’re Reading in Dim’. That’s normal warn, though not always true. Reading in dim will never make you go blind, it will just bring you on a headache.

Although wearing the wrong glasses won’t worsen your vision, there are cases in which wearing the right glasses can actually cure a vision defect. Eyeglasses are usually part of treatment for childhood strabismus (crossed eyes) or amblyopia (lazy eyes).

Well, if you love your eyes, go straightly to the eye specialist and feel free to read in dim!


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